WordPress Performance Issues with GoDaddy.com Hosting

GoDaddy.com and WordPress

Is your WordPress installed and hosted with GoDaddy.com? Have you noticed that it runs extremely slow, while other WordPress websites you’ve seen are so much faster? Where does the problem lie and how do you make your website load faster?

This is a common problem experienced by many WordPress sites hosted on GoDaddy, and to date the company hasn’t been very forthcoming about the issues. One possible cause may be Load Balancing: GoDaddy may be slowing down certain sites that share one server to ensure that they all perform well, but the problem is that if one of those sites is highly active it monopolizes the available bandwidth, and everyone else on the shared server suffers.

The first thing is to complain directly to GoDaddy at their support site. They may be able to switch you to a different server or put you on a grid-hosting plan. However, if they dismiss your problems as insignificant or inform you that it’s a “scripting” issue with WordPress, there are steps you can take (short of leaving GoDaddy and moving to another host.)

To begin, use the tools WordPress offers. Under the “Databases” section, click on “PHPMyAdmin,” select “Check All” then “Repair.” Repeat that process and this time choose “Optimize” from the menu. You can also deactivate plug-ins you don’t use, close any Post Writing Pages when you’re not using them and turn off the formatting options under “Settings.” Also under “Settings,” select the option to reduce the Post/Page and turn off any e-mail notifications you don’t need. If possible use Photoshop, Gimp or Fireworks to reduce the size of your images and videos. And always update: WordPress has performance fixes and streamlined code that can vastly increases page load times.

If all else fails, shop around for another website host.

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