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We use the latest technology for superior performance and reliability when compared to inexpensive hosting plans from large providers.

WordPress Optimized

WordPress and database driven websites require more server resources than traditional websites and benefit greatly from our optimized web hosting.

Local Support

Need help with web hosting transfer, set-up or email? We're local website hosting company and can help with just an easy phone call.

The Right Amount of Website Hosting

Byte Technology, a award winning Minnesota website hosting company, offers a number of different hosting options for your website and will help you with a recommendation.  Our high performing shared hosting plans are superior in performance and reliability when compared with less costly hosting solutions by other vendors.  When maximum performance and reliability is desired, we also have dedicated cloud servers that can be scaled up and down as needed to ensure great performance and reliability during abnormal times of high traffic.  If you run marketing campaigns to a large audience, this is a great solution.
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Peace of Mind Website Hosting

Did you know many inexpensive hosting plans by other providers do not include a regular backup of your website?  Byte Technology, a award winning Minnesota website hosting company, desires “peace of mind” for our customers, so we’ve made a daily full backup standard and included with every hosting plan.
Website Hosting
Fast, Secure and Always Online Website Hosting

Speed Comparison

Pictured to the right is an actual third-party speed test performed prior to switching to Byte’s high-speed website hosting.

Previously, The Wildcat Sanctuary took 7.11 seconds to load. 50 minutes later after the web migration to Byte’s website hosting was completed, we ran a second speed test which resulted in a drastic reduction of 4.49 seconds to 2.62 seconds. Load time was cut by more than half.

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