Award Winning Social Media Advertising

Get In Front of Your Target Audience Quickly and Efficiently

Being active on social media is essential to retain customers and drive sales. Our social media advertising service helps you maximize your online marketing efforts so you can rise above the competition.  We’ll target specific demographics to efficiently get you in front of your target customers. 

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Drive traffic to your site



Build your brand



Social Selling


Deploy ads targeted to your specific audience in an effort to drive traffic

Frequency will help you engage current customers while discovering new ones

Using a combination of awareness and sales tactics, we'll help you grow and drive sales

Unique Ads Monthly:

We’ll design and create new ads each month and will get your approval prior to posting.




Number of Platforms:

We work with the most popular social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. You can choose the platforms you’d like us to work with.




Reporting & Testing:

We produce an ad performance report and will review it with you monthly on a phone call and screen share.




Monthly Consultation:

We’ll do a phone call and screen share monthly to review current ad performance and discuss new ads for the coming month

30 min

45 min

60 min

Initial Set-up Fee:

As part of the setup we will install necessary tracking pixels on your website for remarketing. This will be billed later and separately after starting the plan.




Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, after a discussion / consultation we will design the ad and send for your approval before posting to social media.  Complex ad designs are outside the scope and can be estimated separately.

While we do recommend that your company be active on social media to support your ads, regular posts and updates are not included in these plans.  You’ll find the best ROI on regular social media posts by having your internal staff manage those.  

We prefer to manage campaigns out of our clients platforms which allows you to retain ownership of any platforms, retain performance history, and have control over budgets and billing.

Cancellation may occur at any time after your first month of service. In order to cancel the recurring payment or change payment method, simply contact us prior to the payment due date.

The ad spend is separate and in addition to the above monthly consultation and management fee

The ad spend is separate and in addition to the above monthly consultation and management fee.  Commonly the ad spend will be equal to or greater than the management fee to produce the best ROI.

As part of setup we can place a quick pixel or Google Tag Manager JavaScript on your website.

Configuration of event tracking and conversion tracking is unique per website, and we’d be happy to provide a separate quote on that using our web development services. 

You’re welcome to call us during normal business hours at 612-204-4921 or send an email to that’ll create a support ticket for our team instantly.  We’ll provide the email address during the on-boarding process. 

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