WordPress Maintenance Plans

Our WordPress experts manage, protect, and enhance your website.

We’ve packed as much value into these WordPress maintenance plans as possible to give you peace of mind.  Websites need to be maintained and kept up to date with changing technology, security, and performance standards.  The below plans allow us to be proactive and keep things running smoothly, instead of waiting until something breaks.  We’ll send you a monthly report showing key metrics.

Our WordPress maintenance plans are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your website is being taken care of by experts in the field. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services to ensure that your website runs smoothly and efficiently. In addition to our speed optimization and security services, we also offer regular backups, updates, and performance monitoring to keep your website in top shape. With our monthly reports, you can stay informed about your website’s health and make informed decisions about its future. Choose Byte Digtl for reliable and effective WordPress maintenance and support services that will help your website thrive.

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WordPress & Plugin Updates (1x/mo)

Get the latest WordPress and plugin security patches and updates

Offsite Cloud Full Backups (1x/day)

Full daily backup of your site’s database and code files kept for 30 days.

Monthly Update Reports

You’re emailed a report once per month showing the WordPress and plugins updates we performed on your site.

Security & Reliability




WordPress & Plugin Updates (2x/mo)

Get the latest WordPress and plugin security patches and updates twice per month as the quicker you can get security patches the better.


Business plan or higher required for sites with Ecommerce

Website Defense & Malware Removal

This is the major benefit of this plan. We have proprietary 10 measures we’ll implement on your site for security hardening. A manual secuirty check is performed once per month by our WordPress expert staff. It’s a must have for Ecommerce sites.

Real Time Security Monitoring

Daily automated security monitoring of your site that also automatically blocks attacks and enforces that strong passwords are used by your staff.

Monthly Contact Form Testing

For one reason or another, the contact form, captcha, or email stop working and it’s often times not noticed for many months by site owners, causing them to lose leads and upset the people that attempted to contact them. We’ll regularly test this critical portion of your website and ensure it’s working.

Uptime Monitoring

Get notified if your website is ever down or not responding, and the duration of time it was down.

Broken Link Checking & Reporting

Broken links are common when page urls change or pages are removed. Avoid these embarassing broken links and frustrating dead ends on your site with broken link monitoring. We scan all links on your site and will report any issues.

WordPress How To videos

Access helpful “how to” videos right from your WordPress admin panel to streamline staff training on basic functions of working with WordPress. Videos are kept up to date with current versions of WordPress.

SSL Monitoring

We monitor your SSL to ensure no security warnings are shown to site visitors and will notify you if it’s near expiration.

Performance & Stability




Offsite Cloud Full Backups (2x/day)

Full twice per day backup of your site’s database and code files kept for 30 days.

Google Analytics Connected

Get Google Analytics site traffic statistics right in the admin panel of your site

Staging Copy of Your Site

We create and maintain a staging copy of your site on our servers. This is especially important for live site stability as we’ll perform and test WordPress and plugin updates on this staging before updating your live site. The staging site will be sync’d with production twice per year to pull in the latest content. Note: this is for hosting of a staging copy of your site and does not include production website hosting. If your website has unique customizations such as files and connections outside of a standard WordPress site, any time worked by our team on these unique customizations to make your staging site work will be billable web development and support time. 4 out of 5 sites will not have unique customizations to worry about.

Regular Performance Review

We analyze your site monthly for performance and make recommendations to improve site speed

Performance Boost

We’ve tried many performance plugins and will install two of our favorites that’ll automatically optimize images and cache content for best performance

CDN & Firewall

We’ll add a standard web application firewall to automatically block attacks and a CDN (content delivery network) to improve site performance. Note: If your company has a more complex network with VPN’s and a variety of incoming connections, let’s discuss this implementation first and associated risks. We’re able to commit up to one hour of effort towards the setup and configuration of the CDN and Firewall as part of this plan, and any time above and beyond would be billable support time. This will be a non issue for 4 out of 5 sites.

SEO Health Report

We’ll run an SEO health report monthly and will make recommendations to improve your website to maximize the number of site visitors

Free Hacked Website Restoration

We’re putting our money where our mouth is. If your site is on this plan and gets hacked, we’ll clean and restore it for free.

Emergency Site Restoration (2x/yr)

If your site breaks for any reason, we’ll restore it immediately at no cost to you 2x per year

Priority Support

Your requests will be put at the top of our list for fastest turn around time

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cancellation may occur at any time after your first month of service. In order to cancel the recurring payment or change payment method, simply contact us prior to the payment due date.

The maintenance plans provide you with peace of mind that a professional is performing the regular checks and updates as noted.  We will make recommendations related to security, efficiency, and SEO based on the checks and reports.  Implementation of those recommendations is not covered in the plan and would fall under website support hours.  Please speak with us about a website support bundle for discounts on site modifications.

Every WordPress website is unique, customized, and different from one another.  When WordPress core files and plugins are updated, occasionally one of the plugins or customizations will break or cause a site issue.   In the event this occurs, we’ll spend a few  5-10 minutes trying to resolve the issue forward, and if we’re unable then the site changes will be rolled back.  You’ll be notified of the issues and the time and labor to resolve will be billed separately as part of your support plan.   

Website maintenance plans include the above listed items only.  If you’d like us to make changes to your website and provide support, we’d be happy to under a development and support bundle https://bytetechnology.com/web-development-and-support-pricing/ as these efforts are not included in a website maintenance plan.

Yes, staging site support is included with the Enterprise Plan.  We’ll update the staging site first and will test, then when all looks good we update the production site and test.  The Enterprise Plan includes staging site setup and hosting on our servers. 

Even with proactive monitoring and security steps taken, security issues still occur, and our goal is to respond as quickly as possible.  We take security very seriously and it’s high priority for our team to get resolved quickly.  Cleaning a hacked site usually requires 3-5 hours of effort, and this would be billed separately, unless you have the Enterprise Plan as the hacked site cleaning is included for free.   

You’re welcome to call us during normal business hours at 612-204-4921 or send an email to that’ll create a support ticket for our team instantly.  We’ll provide the email address during the on-boarding process. 

No, production hosting of your live website is not included as part of a maintenance plan.  Each website has different hosting requirements and isn’t predictable enough for us to include in one plan.  We do provide website hosting solutions https://bytetechnology.com/website-hosting-company/ and would be happy to host your website.  Please contact us for more information about website hosting

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