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Since 2001, Byte Technology, an award winning web development and SEO company, has specialized in improving organic search traffic from Google for our clients. We build effective and strategic SEO campaigns based on an assessment of your audience and your competitors, and implement an SEO plan that will maximize your ROI.

Every website is unique and so should your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. We have SEO programs for
small to medium-sized businesses, and each campaign is carefully constructed through a comprehensive process.

Your website needs to reflect what your target audience is searching for.
Our proven SEO process involves the following seven steps:

Step 1

Marketplace Assessment

We start with an assessment of your industry’s digital landscape. This crucial marketplace assessment empowers our online marketing strategy which includes an in-depth keyword analysis of you and your competitors key phrase usage. Through this analysis we are able to know what’s working and where there are opportunities missed by the competition.

Step 2

Competitor & Keyword Research

After the marketplace analysis is completed, we break down the keyword research into three competitive keyword funnels:

Top-Funnel Keywords

Keywords searched by targeted audience but may or may not be specific to your service offerings.

Mid-Funnel Keywords

Keywords searched by targeted audience and also express interest in your service offerings.

Bottom-Funnel Keywords

Keywords that show strong “conversion-readiness”
for your service offerings.

Step 3

Technical Website Audit

We conduct a comprehensive technical audit of your website that checks over 200 search engine ranking factors.
During this step, we fix the issues that keep search engines from indexing your website properly, and
ensures we build the SEO campaign on a solid foundation.

Step 4

On-Page Optimization

During this step, we optimize the content of your website to adhere to the latest on-page optimization techniques that will help place your website on the first page of Google search for your chosen keywords / keyphrases.

We check each page to make sure that the seo meta title tags include your target keywords and stay under the Google character limit. Each page has a unique and compelling meta description that includes your keywords written with your target audience in mind, and that images have associated alt text along with many more technical checklist items.

Step 5

Competitor Correlation Analysis

Once all of the technical foundations are in place, we complete additional optimizations using a competitor correlation analysis. Leveraging sophisticated SEO software, we are able to identify patterns shared by pages from your competitors, we then cross-reference these patterns to the values present on your pages to take advantage of any missed opportunities.

Examples of ranking factors that can be discovered:

  • Increases or decreases in word count
  • Changes in keyword density
  • Exact-match keywords in their heading tags
  • Added or removed bold tags or italic tags
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords incorporated
  • And dozens of additional ranking signals

Step 6

Content Production

Our group of talented SEO experts will integrate a strategic content marketing strategy that will expand search engine visibility, improve the readability of your website, and increase your domain’s authority.

Step 7

Link Building

Our final step, but one of the most crucial, is strategically publishing content and promoting your website on relevant and authoritative websites including industry business directories, blogs, publications, social platforms, and influencer channels. This important step increases referral traffic to your website – link juice!

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