Award Winning Web Application Development

The Exact Software Your Business Needs to Get Ahead


Integrate with other custom software systems so they "talk to each other" and share information. 


Automate routine tasks such as notifications, updates, and configurations to save your staff time and money.


The custom software will be intuitive, easy to use, and without all the extra stuff that gets in the way with off the shelf software.

We Architect & Build Complex Websites & Applications

Byte Digtl is an industry-leading digital agency specializing in web application design and development. A custom web application that’s built specific to your needs increases workflow productivity and bolsters your business growth.  Automate and integrate with your other internal systems to maximize efficiency and ROI. 

Work with our experienced architects who lay the foundation for a scalable application that’ll support your growth.  Benefit from our experience in software design and custom database architecture as we help architect the solution.  The benefits of building your own custom web application often times far outweighs the short-term benefits of using off-the-shelf products that are less costly and don’t exactly fit your needs.

Examples of Custom Web Applications

Online Payments and Subscriptions

With real-time availability, your customers can purchase and pay online at anytime.  We'll setup your custom subscriptions (like access to your content with membership levels), and manage your products, customers, payments, and subscriptions all in one place!  Your application will be completely customized to your specific needs.

E-commerce Automation

Automate your online store with inventory software like ERP's, credit card processing, automated invoices, shipping labels, and synchronization of customer and order data. Integrate with your preferred shipping solution, such as ShippingEasy, for batch order processing and shipping labels. Make your team as efficient as possible to handle the busy times with ease.


A custom CRM or ERP will be the record for your customers, products, services, and which of these products and services your customers are subscribed to.  Keep internal notes on each customer, their contacts, past support provided, custom pricing and automated invoicing and recurring billing, etc.  The sky is the limit.  See the case study below as an example.


Schedule appointments and trips, and send custom emails and reminders at the right time to the right people.

Automated Customer Communication

Send personalized mass emails to your customers (not through a newsletter service like Mailchimp) and keep in touch with them regularly.  This saves hours over sending one email at a time.

Google Maps

Let's create a custom google map with your data where each custom map marker will have information that popups up in an info window.  This could be property, customer, or event locations as an example. 

Custom Charts
and Reports

We can create a dashboard of charts  (pie, line, bar, scatter plot, etc) to display your data in a user friendly format.


Integrate with payroll and online time clocks like Harvest, accounting, invoicing systems, and HR software.


Portals to show order or account status, service management, and custom reporting.

Custom ERP software built for Byte Technology

Yes, we built a custom ERP for our web development agency!  Our ERP, “The Matrix”, contains all the information our team needs for customer relationship management, services and service subscriptions, billing and invoicing, and website development.  This custom software has been a game changer for us – we’re more efficient and accurate with all aspects of our company because of it.  We’re in a competitive market, and this software gives us an edge over the competition. 

Custom web application