The Rebirth of Parallax Scrolling Technology: Part III

With the resurgence of Parallax Scrolling as a factor of Responsive Web Design, a host of major companies are already utilizing the tech on their sites, a trend that industry experts predict will increase exponentially over the coming months.


The benefits for these major movers and shakers in the retail, software, hardware and social networking world are easy to realize when one takes even a cursory peek at their pages: those who use highly specific keywords and are well-established brands see greatly increased traffic and greatly reduced bounce rates (those visitors who visit your site and almost immediately hit the “back” button before exploring further). Simply put, Parallax Scrolling improves storytelling, reveals dynamic content about your products or services and, in short, makes the visitor’s experience that much more unforgettable.

Check out these six websites that are taking full advantage of Parallax Scrolling and pushing the boundaries of the imagination.

• Air Jordan
This well-known trademark presents an eye-catching view of their shoes by breaking down construction elements and in a vertical, horizontal and diagonal scrolling layout.

Google Cultural Institute
Created to help people become aware of different cultures, the site uses a timeline that makes interaction and exploration of different years and events seamless and fun.

• Range Rover
Taking its cues from a high-end fashion catalog, the company puts luxury front and center with amazing photos that scroll relatively slowly in multiple directions, interspersed with quotes from vehicle designers meant to engage the visitor.

Using oversized product photos presented at seemingly limitless angles, this flashy new site delivers a high-impact experience that immediately draws in the user and begs further exploration.

Activate Drinks
One of the newest players in the vitamin-enhanced water market, the user experience on this beautiful site begins with a virtual twist of cap. And happily, every piece of relevant information—history, videos, products, store locators etc.—is presented on a single scrolling page.

Mario Kart Wii Experience
One of the best known video game characters of all time gets a truly awesome makeover. Scrolling through the site is almost like playing a game, with engaging information—”The History of Mario Kart” alone is worth a visit—presented at every twist and turn.

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