Creating an online portfolio that gets you noticed

Let’s face it: if you’re a designer, photographer, writer or even an ad executive, getting your online portfolio noticed on the Web can be a laborious task. Competition for key search results and the massive accumulation of freelance job sites means it takes a lot of work to get, well, any work at all.

But there are some solid ways to make sure your online portfolio is readily accessible in the ocean of information that is the Internet. And it goes beyond the most obvious: having a permanent link where people can access your work. Consider these tips:

Be concise

When a recruiter or potential client lands on your portfolio page, you want to be sure they get the most effective impression of you and your work. Start with having one compelling image to draw them in, even if it’s a piece of stock photography. Check out Curalate infographic for guidelines on which types of images best work for you industry.

Think simple

Don’t be afraid to hold something back in your portfolio. The goal shouldn’t be to overwhelm the viewer with every last detail of every single project you’ve worked on, but rather to give just a tantalizing sample. For instance, have a list of your top ten articles or projects, not 100. And if you’ve designed, for example, a lengthy brochure, magazine or ad campaign, include just the front page.

Consider the viewer

Never be afraid to alter or adjust your portfolio to cater to a specific audience or client. If a job calls for a very particular skill set, move your talents in that area front and center. This creates a relevancy and connection for the employer to the job or project you’re seeking, and it may just help them hone their vision and focus their attention on your abilities.

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