Byte Technology Named by Clutch as a Top 2022 Development Company in Colorado

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Byte Technology is an award-winning website and e-commerce development provider that delivers premier experiences to innovative businesses looking to grow. We help companies build their online presence from the ground up to stand out from the competition. With over two decades of expertise in the digital space, we’re a reliable partner dedicated to delivering remarkable … Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Strategic Marketing Plan

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It’s the end of the year. If you are a small business, you’ve no doubt completed your annual budget and hopefully your business plan for the new year. The natural next step is a marketing plan, right? You can do it that way – but ideally you would have your business plan drafted, then your … Read more

Securing Your Website Against Attacks

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Comprehensive website security includes an entire suite of tools to shield against data breaches, service disruption, and malware infections. It shields the email system, network, and server. It includes higher technologies like website application firewalls and also dynamic steps like vulnerability scanning. Prepare your team and business by being aware of the threats you could be … Read more

ADA Compliance and Your Website

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created in 1990 with the aim to ensure that disabled individuals have the same level of opportunities as everyone else. This means that any company that provides service for the general public must ensure that its structure has room for or can accommodate people living with disabilities of … Read more

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

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Does your business currently appear at the top, on the first page of a Google search result? This coveted spot can be a clear indicator of a well-optimized, thriving website and business. In online marketing, we refer to this placement as the very valuable Search Engine Results Page or SERP. On Google alone, people make … Read more

Google Tag Manager

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You might have heard that using Google Analytics can give you many essential insights you desire. This is true. However, when used alone, there are limitations. By using Google Tag Manager (GTM), tagging your website, and using Google Analytics, you will collect plenty of helpful information to understand what your customers are seeking on your … Read more