Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Does your business currently appear at the top, on the first page of a Google search result? This coveted spot can be a clear indicator of a well-optimized, thriving website and business. In online marketing, we refer to this placement as the very valuable Search Engine Results Page or SERP. On Google alone, people make over twenty-two million searches every day. With these numbers, it certainly makes it feel impossible to stand out. It is no wonder millions of people search the term “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” on Google every month. People are aware they may need better SEO to stand out but might not know where to start. Let us guide you through answers to some of your questions about SEO.

What is SEO?

It is the process of optimizing your site to increase its visibility organically. The higher visibility your page gets in search results, the greater your possibility to draw the attention of potential customers to your business. To begin this process, we recommend starting with an SEO audit of your website.

How does it Work?

After we audit your website and ensure you have relevant content and keyword placement, we let the search engines index it. Google, Bing, Yahoo! or other search engines you are using have a program called a crawler. A crawler moves out and puts together information related to all of the content they can possibly find on the internet. This crawler will bring back the most relevant links to the search engine to create an index—this index, after being fed via an algorithm, will try to match your data with your query. 

Why SEO?

SEO is a fundamental component of digital marketing. This is because people do trillions of searches annually, most times, with the intent to get information about services or products.  Search is most times, the principal source of digital traffic for businesses. And it complements many other marketing channels. Having your website ranking higher with more significant visibility than your competitors can positively impact your bottom line. Ready to step up your digital marketing presence? Get a quote from our team.

No need to feel unsure of where to begin. At Byte Technology, we can help you optimize online strategies that encourage customer engagement. We offer services that can help improve the strength of your SEO. Simply begin your Free SEO Analysis and we can take it from there! You can relax, we’ve got it covered.

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