Why Are Forms Important On A Website?

A potential customer or client visits your website. You want to convert that visit into a sale, but how can you do that without knowing who they are or how to contact them? Enter the web form.

A web form on your website allows your customers to provide their information to you quickly and efficiently so that you can better understand what they’re searching for. Whether they’re inquiring about booking an appointment, needing web support, or are interested in more information about a product or service, capturing your visitors’ data can be vital in helping you earn new and repeat customers.

A simple web form for Flourish Medical + Wellness allows visitors to inquire about services. 

What Does A Web Form Do?

Web forms can capture any information you desire, from visitors’ names, emails, ages, and specific questions they may have about your business. A web developer can customize your web forms only to ask questions pertinent to your business so your customers only provide the data you need. This also saves the customer’s time and eliminates unnecessary frustration.

Web forms can help your business in myriad ways, but what should you include in your web form to make the best use of it?  

  • All the information you need to better understand your potential customers, including name, email, phone number, and why they are seeking your services
  • Bilingual options if you have someone on your team to respond in that language
  • Clear instructions about what to put in each field
  • Privacy notice about what you will do with the information you collect

The Benefits Of A Web Form

As we mentioned before, a web form has various benefits. It can help generate leads, provide website support and customer service, develop better relationships with potential customers, gain valuable insight into who is visiting your website, and provide contact information for those visitors. You can also use that information to add customers to mailing lists, rewards programs, and more.

So, how successful are webforms at generating leads? A full 28% of marketers say that web forms have helped them gain more qualified leads, which is essential because most web forms aim to increase conversions.

A web form for Agiliti Healthcare includes pull-down menus with pre-set options

Some Other Considerations

While it’s not necessary to include the following features in your web form, here are just a few options to consider to improve your customer’s experience.

  • Pull-down menus
  • Calendars that make searching for birth dates or event dates easier
  • The ability to skip fields, especially if the customer has uploaded a file with the same information, such as a resume
  • The ability to upload documents, photos, or other information to simplify the customer experience
  • Allowing auto-populated form filling such as contact information saved in your customers’ browsers

In Conclusion

Web forms are an essential tool to use in your marketing efforts. Web forms help you look professional, gain customers’ trust, and increase conversion rates. There are no ifs about it: your site needs a web form. Thankfully, the web design and development experts at Byte DiGTL can help customize a web form for your site. To learn more, please visit our webform and get started today!

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