The Value of Knowing Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Website Conversions

When you are in the process of growing your online business, there are essential metrics you will need to track to ensure that your business is expanding. One of those crucial metrics is your website’s conversions.

At Byte Technology, we have experts who are professionals at providing strategies that can increase your website conversions.

Website conversions enable you to determine whether or not you are succeeding in your digital marketing campaign. Our article talks about website conversion – its definition, examples, how to calculate them, and what a reasonable conversion rate looks like.

What is Website Conversion?

Website conversion occurs when a person completes a predetermined and desired action on your website. Some of these actions include sharing a blog post to social media platforms, or buying a product. Your conversion rate is the percentage of people who have completed your desired action.

Examples of Website Conversion

Some examples of website conversion include the following:

  1. Clicking a particular button
  2. Filling out a contact form
  3. Sharing contents to social media platforms
  4. Making a purchase
  5. Signing up for information or email club

Website conversion can be one or more of the above. We can help you decide which Call to Action best meets your campaign goals. Because no two businesses are precisely the same, no two companies will also have the exact same conversions.

How to Calculate Website Conversion Rate

Perhaps you are wondering how a conversion rate can be calculated. Thankfully, it is easy to calculate. We’ve provided the formula for the calculation below.

[Total visitors that convert/total number of visitors on your website] x 100 = Conversion rate

For example, you have a total of 10,000 people visit your website. Of those 10,000, 1000 buy products from your website. Fixing these figures into the formula, you’ll get something like this:

[1000/10000] x 100 = 10%

In this instance, the conversion rate for your website would be 10%. It is that simple!

What is the Ideal Conversion Rate?

Perhaps, like many businesses, you are curious to know what an ideal conversion rate is. The answer is that there is no magic number to determine a perfect conversion rate. This is because the percentage of your conversion will depend on certain factors, some of which includes the following:

  1. Your sales cycle
  2. Your industry
  3. Your service/products
  4. Your costs

The above factors will influence the rate of your conversion. Because of this, it is difficult to predict the exact number you need to achieve.

At Byte Technology, we build stable, fast, and secure digital experience. With us, you can have full peace of mind that you are increasing conversions to your website, and your website is engaging customers. Contact us today and relax. We have got it covered.


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