Should I Hire a Web Design Agency or a Freelancer?

When you need a new website built or updates made to your existing site, a common question website owners consider is if they should hire a web design agency or an individual freelancer.

Today’s business world is an ever-changing environment. Because of technological advancements and corporate downsizing, more individuals find it necessary to strike out on their own and offer their services as freelancers. This has provided more options, and decisions to be made, for people that want to hire a person, or agency, for a new website project or ongoing website maintenance work.

Both of your options, freelancer or agency, have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at each.

Advantages to Hiring a Freelancer

They will usually have lower overhead costs. Many freelancers work from their homes, and shared office spaces continue to gain in popularity. Lower costs will normally translate into lower prices for you.
You’re more likely to know who’s working on your project. Because you’ve had direct communications with the freelancer through e-mail, phone or a video call, you know who the individual is that has assumed responsibility for the work you need done.
Since most freelancers tend to be generalists rather than specialists, there is a wide variety of individuals for you to choose from, even though having a specialist for your industry can be very advantageous for you.

Disadvantages to Hiring a Freelancer

Your project is often not a high priority for them. Freelancing is commonly a side gig, and their full-time job and other life events will take priority over your business’s project.  Working solo doesn’t allow them to collaborate with a team member to make sure your project is getting the time and attention it deserves.
Finding replacement freelancers can be challenging. When the original freelancer moves on from your project, you’ll have to find a brand new person to take over.  This person knows nothing about you, your business, or the project, and this will result in timeline delays and inefficiency as their output is initially low for your dollar while they get up to speed.
You need the skills to vet the freelancer’s work and ensure it’s of high quality and do all the quality assurances checks when they’re finished.

Working with a Web Design Agency

Established web design agencies with proven track records have been a reliable option for many years. Most can provide you with a portfolio of work done over the years, with references readily available. You can contact the agency of your choice and with a phone call get in touch with their physical office, which in most cases you can also physically visit if you prefer.

Advantages of Working with a Web Design Agency

An agency is more likely to have a variety of experts with specialized skills, meaning you get top notch results in all areas of the project.
Agencies are known to have better communication with their clients. Unlike freelancers which keep sporadic hours, agencies let you know their hours of operation up front and are very likely to be accessible to you during those times.
Management takes responsibility for work completed in a quality agency. Agencies which stand the test of time and have long-term clients have management which doesn’t pass the buck. If you’re not satisfied, they make it right.
You’re much more likely to have a long-term relationship with an agency. Freelancers are more likely to need to terminate a working relationship because they’ve located full-time work, while an agency will continue to be there for you.
You’ll get a quicker turn around on work with a web design agency. Because of the advantage of collaboration between agency staff and their availability, your project can be tended to by more than one individual, allowing different sets of eyes to do quality control and get your work done on time.

Disadvantages of Working with a Web Design Agency

Because of higher operating costs and a variety of experts on staff, agencies can be more expensive. However, it is because they have experienced staff and a permanent office location that they have stood the test of time and continue to be there for their clients.

In summary, while the lower cost of a freelancer may be appealing, ultimately, it’s the quality of the finished product and how it meets your goals is what really matters. Web design agencies like Byte Technology have the staff and experience you need to design and/or maintain your website. Working with agencies like Byte is the best long-term decision for your website needs.

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