Reasons to put Cloudflare in Front of Your Website

Cloudflare is a service that provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN), a performance layer, and a firewall for your website. Aside from the services mentioned, Cloudflare also offers many more.

At Byte Technology, we can help you create online tactics that encourages engagement —allowing you the ability to build solid relationships with the people that are very important to your business. The Cloudflare service has paid features and upgrades. But what are the reasons to put Cloudflare in front of your website? Our article highlights the rationale for placing your website behind Cloudflare.

1. Worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Cloudflare possesses a worldwide CDN, and with this, there is a replication of your cached asset across servers in more than 200 cities globally. When your client demands an asset, instead of serving it from your server, which is in a single location, Cloudflare will, from the nearest server, serve up your asset. This means that your site will load fast globally and not only in the closest country to your server.

2. Asset Caching

Cloudflare possesses some super servers which can cache your stagnant assets on your behalf once they have been requested initially. When a Cloudflare is absent and a user demands a web page that displays ten images, the browser will need to make ten additional demands to your server.

If each of the images is 1MB, it means that your server will have to find, process, and save an extra 10MB. Multiplying this number by each user on your website. Aside from being more of a load, it takes up significant resources that could affect other visitor’s performance.

However, with Cloudflare, there is Asset Caching. They store a copy of the image to their servers once images have been served once. When another visitor requests the same image, Cloudflare serves them from their servers. This means that your server will have extra time to do other vital things, such as sending that email and processing that transaction. Cloudflare will also help the performance of your website.

3. DDOS and Firewall Protection

Cloudflare, along with CDN and caching, will protect your website against threats and brute-force attacks. This service can serve more than twelve million websites and, therefore, identify users and malicious bots quicker than other operating system firewalls.

If Cloudflare suspects that you are suspicious, it can display a problem that still allows “normal” users access to your website. These securities and firewalls are continually being developed and are evolving. This means that your site becomes more protected and secured by the day.

4. Great DNS Management

The DNS management possessed by Cloudflare is tremendous, and it can be controlled with an API. They act like your browser’s driving directions. When you enter your domain’s name, the DNS records will tell your browser where to get their destinations.

This might not impact your daily operations, however, the ability to update your records quickly saves you time in case you need to add a verification record or change your server.

At Byte Technology, we build a stable, fast, and secure digital experience. With us, you can have full peace of mind that you are increasing conversions to your website, and your website is engaging customers. Contact us today and relax. We have got it covered.

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