More Insecure Content Blocked By Google Chrome

Beginning in January 2020, Google Chrome will start blocking more insecure elements on web pages.  These pages have “Mixed Content”, which is a page loaded securely via HTTPS, but pulls in elements from a non-secure locations.  The usual culprits are images or JavaScript files being loaded from a third-party site.  Pages where all text, images, and video are loaded from a secure HTTPS location will not be affected.  You’ll see an insecure icon like in the image below in your browser that says “insecure content blocked”.

insecurecontent screenshot

Why is this important?

Website developers need to make adjustments to the site’s digital assets (the video, audio and images referred to earlier) to ensure they load properly.  When some content, such as image or video doesn’t load on your site, it usually leaves a large unattractive gaping hole on your page.

Blocked content on your website creates a poor user experience for your site visitors.  The “insecure” messaging causes visitors to lose trust and become uncomfortable using your site, which increases abandonment.  With so many website security breaches these days, many people leave (abandon) websites when they see a security warning.

When will this happen?

Starting in December 2019 Google will automatically upgrade any digital assets that are available in the HTTPS format. This will make the elimination of mixed content easier for developers.  Mixed content will still be able to be seen; visitors will be given a visual warning that the assets are not secure (HTTP). They will have the option of choosing not to see the mixed content (opt-out).

In January 2020 Chrome will begin blocking digital assets that cannot be converted to HTTPS. Visitors are warned the asset is not secure, and they will be able to toggle on the asset to see or hear it.

In February 2020 Chrome will fully block any assets that are not HTTPS compliant.  This very well may lead to fewer visitors going to websites with blocked content and fewer visitors staying on a site that has blocked assets.  This results in fewer site visitors and lost revenue.

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