Help One Hand Talk to the Other (Teams, That Is)!

One of our clients came to Byte Technology asking to help improve their internal newsletter communications to their teams nationally. As a consumer product company, they have a dozen or so teams spread across the country working with sectors such as grocery store chains, value discount stores and multicultural markets. The challenge came in sharing up-to-date news, best practices, success stories and other news across each team.

The Byte Technology team is working with their marketing team to re-engineer the overall usability of their newsletter and its design to help increase readership and cross-team effectiveness.

We find this is a common challenge with large national corporations. The best way to move the needle on solving this issue is to:

  1. Query your readers on what is missing in their communications tactics and seek their input on what they’d like to see
  2. Engineer multiple pathways to get to newsletter content through navigation and design elements and
  3. Leverage imagery/video and engaging content to draw readers.

Web analytics will also provide tracking metrics and feedback into what type of content, or areas that readers ARE engaged with. This data will help your company tailor content that will aid in your overall marketing initiatives or sales goals.

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