Apple becomes the next high-profile cyber attack victim

Earlier this week, Apple disclosed that some of its employees’ computers were infected with malware in a cyber attack. This admission comes on the heels of other large organizations being hacked in recent weeks, including many media organizations, Facebook, Twitter, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The hack was blamed on vulnerability in the Java plug-in that is active in some web browsers. (It should be noted that the Java plug-in should not be confused with JavaScript). After the announcement that they were hacked, Apple released an update for Mac users to find and remove malware related to this attack.

News sources are reporting this attack on Apple is very similar to the January attack on Facebook. It seems that developers at both companies were lured to a software development website that was infected with the malware. This website, iPhoneDevSDK, is said to be still infected and should not be visited.

There are hints in the media, though no assertions from Apple or Facebook, that these hacks originated from a branch of the Chinese military. China, however, denies any involvement.

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