Web Development and Support Pricing

Pay-As-You-Go OR Money Saving Bundles

5Hr Prepaid Bundle


Receive 30 minutes free.

10Hr Prepaid Bundle


Receive 2 free bonus hrs.

15Hr Prepaid Bundle


Receive 4 free bonus hrs.

25Hr Prepaid Bundle


Receive 7 free bonus hrs.

50Hr Prepaid Bundle


Receive 16 free bonus hrs.

100Hr Prepaid Bundle


Receive 36 free bonus hrs.

Pay As You Go


Per 15 minutes of service. Invoiced at the end of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no, we recommend purchasing a smaller bundle that fits your budget today. 

Most customers will purchase 6-12 months of support at once for the best deal.

No, the hours don’t expire and will be kept in your account.

No, with the “Pay As You Go” option we’ll send a monthly invoice for actual time worked. 

No, the discount of bonus hours is awarded based on this commitment.

Please contact us at anytime and we’d be happy to check and notify you of the current balance.  We will also send out an automated notice when the balance is getting low. 

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