Search Party by the Sea

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A prospective client approached us with an idea for scavenger hunts that could be played with small teams and showcase some of the more prominent historical locations around the Monterey Bay area in California. The client wanted a fun, quiz like interface that anyone could play from a browser, track points across multiple questions, and provide a leaderboard type interface to display top scavenger hunt players.


We created a website interface that displays quiz-like, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank type questions, that allows users to compete for leaderboard positions displayed on the website. Scores are tallied from the scavenger hunt questions with the highest totals displayed on leaderboards across the website. These scavenger hunts are the perfect afternoon activity that’s fun for the entire family, school field trips, and history buffs while visiting Monterey Bay, with each Search Party hunt showcasing the rich history and locations known throughout the area.

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