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Geronimo Energy (National Grid Renewables) came to Byte Technology for help with their WordPress based website because of our great customer service and high quality work. Their website was cumbersome to update and maintain, it didn’t serve their variety of users well, and there were many website issues needing frequent attention. Byte recommended they start fresh with a new website to shed the technical debt and reduce maintenance costs.

Mid project on the new website, Geronimo Energy was purchased by another company and rebranded into National Grid Renewables, so many changes to the project plan were presented.


Byte’s agile methodology style of project management successfully allowed for the scope adjustments to the project plan due to the acquisition. The new website serves multiple user personas including corporations, utilities companies, and land owners. Their projects were imported and redesigned, a more interactive map plotting their project locations was created, and an enhanced video gallery was also added. The site features a corporate “mini site” that has a unique look and feel, and was made WCAG 2.1 level AA compliant for accessibility.

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