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The website was built on Magento 1 (M1) and was being forced to re-platform to remain in PCI compliance as core development and support for M1 ceased in the summer of 2020.  Their M1 website was heavily customized with dozens of extensions and custom modules, which made the replatform challenging.

Customers using their M1 website struggled to navigate the product catalog as it wasn’t possible to see all products of a certain type, like stockings, and filter down the list.  Rather, they’d navigate into 10+ smaller categories and view a few products at a time, then back out and go into the next category to view a few more, which made browsing the site cumbersome.

The site search on M1 worked well, but included only products and no other content like pages and blog posts.


The Byte Technology team identified every customization and unique feature of this website, and made a plan to re-implement selected functionality (most) on the new Magento 2 (M2) platform.  A list of all customizations and modules was created and each one was addressed individually to ensure all functionality was accounted for.  The new M2 website launched with all customers, orders, invoices, and shipments in tact; there wasn’t any data loss during the transition.

Byte also took the opportunity to improve the site’s information architecture as the site suffered from “over categorization”.  The number of categories was reduced and many new attributes and filters were created that allowed customers to better navigate the products to prevent “siloing”.

The search technology was upgraded to Elastic Search, which is an enterprise search solution that provides all the search capabilities you’d like including fuzzy search (mis-spellings) and returning of CMS page content in addition to product attribute filtering.

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