What To Do When Your Email Is Hacked

Having you email hacked can be quite a shock, especially because often you’re unaware of it until a friend alerts you—usually because they received a strange message from your account. Other clues are being unable to log into your account, noticing that your smartphone can’t retrieve messages or finding that your inbox is suddenly empty and all your contacts have been deleted.

If you suspect or are sure your email has been hacked, the first step is to immediately change your password, and make it stronger. Often, hackers view your Facebook page and guess your email password by looking at names, addresses, likes favorite movies or books etc.

If access to your email account is blocked go immediately to the email site help center and follow the directions. And while your at the help center report the incident, as your provider may be able to provide you with details of the attack and give your tips to protect your information.

Next, let everyone on your contact list know that you’ve been hacked and they should ignore and delete any messages from you. Then scan your computer with an updated anti-virus program, which will look for anything the hackers may have inserted into your system, such as programs which could compromise your personal information.

Finally, review your personal email settings and make sure the hackers didn’t create any forwarding addresses. And keep a close eye on your bank accounts, credit cards, utilities and anything else they might have gotten access to through reading your emails.

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