Video Product Commentary using iPhone or iPad devices

If you have a the latest version of the iPad and/or iPhone, you have the luxury of recording video in high-definition. The video quality is outstanding and the audio is good. Just be sure you have enough lighting so the colors pop on the screen.

So by all means, absolutely leverage these wonderful devices to record short video segments about your products or new product features. There is no worry that it’s not professionally done since this format helps to preserve the raw and authentic nature of your communication. These short video clips also allow you to demonstrate your level of expertise and provide inside knowledge that many of us simply wouldn’t receive from a big box store employee that deals with thousands of products.

Another beauty of the iPhone and iPad is that you can edit the videos on the fly and upload them directly to YouTube or Facebook (no computer needed). You can even place them on your website or blog. Once you learn the process, you’ll find it’s extremely simple, convenient, and an immense value to you both your loyal and perspective customers.

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To see product videos in action, visit this well-done website at and click on the products with the camera icon to on the right.

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