Tech News – Week in Review

Nothing changes faster than technology. Below we have compiled the news stories that changed the technology landscape this week. – It may be a good time to stop by your local Apple Store. This week Apple announced the company is lowering the price of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the 13-inch MacBook Air. – Twitter and American Express teamed up to offer American Express cardholders the ability to shop and pay for products with just two tweets. Currently only certain items can be purchased through this method, but tweeting-to-purchase is another attempt by Twitter to monetize its social media platform. – This video segment covers the best time for businesses to post on Facebook. As of now, only 14% of business posts are run at the optimal time to reach the largest Facebook audiences. – President Obama signed an executive order this week to help address worries over cyber-threats and cyber-espionage. The order seeks to improve information sharing in regards to cyber security between the private and public sectors. – On a slightly lighter note, Iran released a photo of its new stealth fighter that is photo-shopped to make the plane look to be airborne. In a related article, Gizmodo contends that this fighter plane may never make it off the ground.

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