Start-up Marketing: How To Do It Right

A start-up is the most challenging and rewarding project for a marketing agency. With their business plan in hand, Flourish Medical + Wellness came knocking on our door (virtually).  We were asked to design and develop a website and create a strategic marketing plan. They had a very clear vision, which is so helpful. They also had a few branding elements like a logo, color scheme, tagline, and business card. This was not a completely clean slate, but they had no online history (footprint) or presence.

First step was getting a clear understanding of who their competition was and how they were marketing themselves. Jackie Tewes, the owner of Flourish Medical + Wellness, requested a Byte Marketing Analysis. The results gave us a clear picture of the benefit of both Brand Awareness and Promotional Broadcast campaigns for Flourish. We used their business plan and goals to create a Strategic Marketing Plan. Once the plan was approved, the ideal next step was a Byte Action Plan, which allowed our marketing team to create the foundational online marketing elements like social accounts, Google My Business, and Bing listings.

The Flourish team wasn’t in their clinic location yet, which meant no physical presence either. And being online NOW was essential to ensure having new patients scheduled for when they did open their doors. While our development team was building the website, our marketing team created an internet landing page with Flourish clinic information and strong calls to action.

With a new online presence in place, we were able to use those listings and accounts as the channels for our broadcast campaigns. Jackie chose to hold off on the brand awareness campaigns until their clinic was open. Timing is everything! We were happy to comply and put our efforts toward broadcast campaign planning. Next, we created a marketing dashboard tool for scheduling and tracking social posts, email marketing blasts, and blog posting. Through the time allowed in our Flourish monthly marketing service, we worked with Jackie’s team to implement each task. The monthly time bundles include marketing meetings and reporting. We want to monitor the success of our online campaigns and activity.

In preparation for their new clinic opening, our marketing team designed signage and brochures. We also created the templates for email marketing newsletters and eBlast campaigns.

With the clinic now open, the website live, and new patients joining them each day; the next step for Flourish Medical + Wellness is to continue with our Byte monthly marketing support. We had their first of many, patient testimonial videos edited, branded, posted, and ready for promotion within their first few months.

At Byte we are ready to guide them into a brand awareness campaign to keep the momentum going. And then a new 12-Month Strategic Marketing Plan will set the stage for continued success. Every new business needs an analysis, a strategic plan, implementation, and follow-up. The Byte Marketing offerings include one-time services and monthly tasks. We work within your budget and can do the tasks ourselves or guide your in-house team. With 15+ years of marketing expertise in a variety of industries, ask the Byte Marketing team to show you how they can convert lookers into buyers.

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