Pushing the Right Buttons: Adding a “Donate Now” Option to Your Facebook Page

For non-profits, there’s little doubt that having a fun, informative and attractive Facebook page can really boost supporter engagement and enhance an organization’s visibility. Unfortunately, with the exception of a small handful of groups, the social media giant hasn’t yet invested the time and money necessary to allow for a digital payment system directly from their site as the process of validating the millions of non-profits worldwide is seriously daunting.

donate now

However, there is hope: Facebook does include among its “call to action” options a “Donate Now” button that can zip users straight to your website, where hopefully the visitor will carry through with their intention and give a little green to your cause.

To begin, make sure the category selected for your Facebook page is “Non-Profit Organization.” Then, under the Facebook Button Creator application page select “Go To App” and when prompted type in the name of your charity and click on it when it appears on the list. Next, click on the “Install on Facebook” prompt and select the page where you want the “Donate” symbol to appear.

Then, click “Add Donation Button Creator,” which allows the site to ask for permission to give the button creator access to your page. The “Donate” button should now appear on the left side of your page in the list that includes your “Wall” and “Photos.” Click on the “Donate” button and you will be able to utilize “Edit Donate Settings,” which include changing the text of the donation button to read something else such as “Help Our Cause” or “Support Our Charity.”

Of course, adding the donation button to your Facebook page is just one easy step in leveraging the connectivity you’ve now created. To be sure this link is generating interest and, hopefully, money confirm that your donation page is easy to understand and that your whole site is constructed with responsive design so that it renders correctly on all tech devices: after all, it’s estimated that nearly 1.4 billion Facebook users of the social media site almost do so exclusively on smartphones and tablets.

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