Profiling Like a Pro: Understanding the Demographics of Your Instagram Audience

Analytical tools have changed the way we digest important information on everything from website effectiveness to Facebook engagement to Twitter insights. And now, popular social media site Instagram is the latest to get a truly valuable profiling tool, a new service that gives users vital data on their audience breakdown and allows them to leverage those metrics to make the most of their social media efforts.


Enter Demographics Pro, a go-to service for e-tail, non-profit and online business interests looking to grow their audience and, in turn, their bottom lines. Already well established with YouTube and the aforementioned Twitter and Facebook, the company’s foray into the world of Instagram brings the same deep demographic data—far beyond simply “number of followers” and other basic engagement metrics.

As the first platform to dive into into Instagram analytics, the new tool gives detailed breakdowns of a user’s audience, including age; gender; marital status; ethnicity; language spoken; location (by country, state and city); occupation; income; and interests. And it works seamlessly via a dashboard or application programming interface (API) to give actionable data that can help a company or non-profit tailor their social media marketing brands and identify key influencers.

It’s likely that, as the Demographics Pro Instagram analytical tool evolves, it will be leveraged by more and more users as a means of comparing brand successes, ranking people and media sources that most influence target audiences and aiding online campaign administrators to more accurately target those people who have the most potential for active response and long-term interest and engagement.

For those unsure whether it’s really important to understand who is engaging with them on Instagram, consider this: according to Business Insider more than 90 percent of the 150 million people on the site are under the age of 35, meaning the service is ripe for entertainment, apparel and media branding in the 18-34 age bracket.

In an era when so much relies on hashtag branding and interest tracking, this new tool will no doubt prove valuable in our social media-based world of online fundraising and commerce.


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