Paired Up: Must Have Smartphone Apps for WordPress Bloggers

The best and most noticed bloggers working on the WordPress platform no doubt attribute much of their success to being able to post, update and edit on the go. And that means utilizing smartphone apps that help them stay on top of their site and its content. And even for those WordPress users who aren’t bloggers but rather do online marketing, manage a cause-related site or administer an e-commerce concern, having the ability to remotely work on their pages is of vital importance.

Must Have Smartphone Apps

So what are some of the best smartphone apps that WordPress users should install and use immediately? The folks at have put together a nice little list. Do some research before you download them of course, but expect to love what they can do to streamline your workflow and, hopefully, make your life a little easier and less hectic.

  • To begin with, Ulysses is an awesome writing tool that gives bloggers a terrific experience. In the words of one reviewer, the “app basically gets out of your way when you are writing, allowing you to be more productive even on a smaller screen.” You can share and open files from Google Drive and Dropbox, and the program helps with a host of organizational tricks as well as text editing, which allows the writer to keep writing without pausing to do formatting or insert links.
  • For those who gather inspiration from a handful of their favorite websites and blogs, Feedly allows you to automatically subscribe to them and read them whenever you want across a host of devices—browsers, desktops, iOS, Android etc. Considered one of the best RSS feed readers available, it gives a clean and clear experience, intuitively tracks what you’ve read and helps with organizing all your various subscriptions into convenient groups.
  • If you use photography on your blog or other type of WordPress site, it may be necessary to edit photos on the go. And although iPhones, for instance, come with great built-in editing tools, Snapseed goes a lot further. You can access tools such as the “healing” brush, check on edit history and tweak colors and light balances with various filters. And the program itself is easy to learn and a lot of fun to use, perfect who people who share photos from their phone to the site on a regular basis.
  • Billed as a “virtual assistance” of sorts, IFTTT helps you automate all your social media, blogging and mobile usage by allowing you to set conditions for the use of difference apps. For example, you can have it tweet your posts on a regular schedule, share things on Facebook and a lot more when you simply define specific actions.
  • Security is something everyone using WordPress should take very seriously, and with LastPass you can defend your site against malicious identity thieves and hackers who are attempting to access your site. The program helps you create strong passwords and manages them beautifully by allowing you different levels of control. For instance, you can save certain passwords so you don’t have to enter them again and again, or you can share them with trusted colleagues without them actually seeing the password itself.
  • For those WordPress users who like to share files between various devices, Pushbullet—which works on all operating systems—does so without you having to sync all your files, just the specific ones your want to move. It can also be enabled to give you notifications from your phone or desktop as well as send text messages back and forth.
  • Lastly, for those who are truly serious about their online marketing, Hootsuite goes beyond the standard social media apps and gives you a host WordPress of features including scheduling, social media monitoring, analytics, a unified dashboard and collaboration tools. A very powerful tool, especially for those running e-tail on the WordPress platform, the app is one of the most popular available and, truthfully, may be all one needs to increase their chances of being successful in the virtual world.

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