Off to Market: The Best WordPress Plugins for Maximum Traffic

For those trying to make the most of their WordPress—or, more importantly, the most money off their WordPress site—it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain just how to go about marketing your blog, products, services and so on. Indeed, as the most popular content management system ever, there’s a lot of competition for positive attention, and getting noticed can often be a daunting task.

Well, thankfully there are some great plugins that can take a lot of the angst and guesswork out of personal website marketing. After all, it’s all about getting people to visit your page again and again and take agreeable actions as often as possible. And attaining maximum traffic will naturally translate to maximum exposure, hence maximum profit (if of course that’s the end goal for your WordPress site.)

Here are a handful of marketing-specific plugins culled from WordPress and e-commerce experts. And while a lot of the good ones are free, consider shelling out a few bucks for a premium paid option: after all, this is ultimately an investment in your bottom line.

  • OptinMonster is based on generating leads via email captures, which in turn will (hopefully) translate into subscriptions and conversions. With the plugin you can add attractive signup forms in a variety of formats—such as in a sidebar, as a popup etc.—and track analytics and initiate A/B split testing to really leverage your marketing efforts. And it features a nice little trick called “Exit Intent,” which helps you keep visitors on your site just at the point they’re about to leave.
  • Web experts will harp on the fact that engaging users via social media is a fantastic marketing strategy. Revive Old Post allows you to share your older content by linking posts to your social media profiles. It also seamlessly lets you add hashtags and link backs, and you can determine the time between posts and what categories you want to highlight.
  • Title Experiments Free is the ultimate A/B split testing plugin specifically for understanding what titles and headlines are getting the most attention and driving the most traffic to your site. You can experiment with multiple titles for a single article and the tool will randomly generate one of them for each user. It then calculates the chances of a positive click based on the frequency of times the title is displayed and how often users select it.
  • Who doesn’t like great, attention-getting imagery? With Featured Image Optimizer you can find out which pictures and infographics are getting the most resultant clicks—it’s just like the aforementioned plugin Title Experiments, except with pictures. When you create or edit a post two new boxes will appear, one for Image A and one for Image B. Simply upload two different images and the tool will show different ones to different users. Voila! You’ll soon discover which pic is getting people’s attention.
  • For those whose website is driven and supported by advertising, the Adsanity plugin is the perfect ad management tool. Create as many adverts as you like and choose how they’ll be rotated, scheduled, grouped and more. Then the tool will automatically display those that are resulting in the most clicks, which should quickly translate to positive traffic and a nice revenue boost.
  • Virtually everyone has, at one point or another, needed to access the FAQ section of a site. And with the Quick and Easy FAQ plugin you can streamline the process of answering the most commonly asked questions your visitors have by adding a section to your site. This is especially vital for e-commerce sites that may be struggling with user queries; you can manage the Q&A process from a single point and stick them anywhere you want on your site, boosting user confidence and alleviating headaches on your end.
  • Finally, the Testimonials Widget can help build user confidence and aid those users in the decision making process. By allowing you to display testimonials in an attractive and engaging manner—there are lots of options for how you want them to appear, such as in a sidebar or widget-ready area—you’ll naturally engage your client base and pump up your credibility.

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