High-Definition Sound Comes to Smartphones

High-Definition Sound Comes to Smartphones

High-definition displays on phones and tablets continue to improve with time, giving users stunning and near perfect images. But now, smartphone makers are setting their sights on “HD Voice,” designed to make music, voices and other sounds mimic as close as possible to the way they do in person.

Known as wideband audio, several smartphone makers—including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon—are already making the technology available on their devices such as the Galaxy S III, HTC One S and iPhone 5.

The carriers improve sound quality by transmitting over 4G LTE networks (rather older telephone lines) which have the ability to process the wider frequency range of the human voice without compressing sounds that are too high or low.

As well as making voices and music richer and fuller, the use of wideband audio also drops out background noises, allowing for clearer, less cluttered sound quality.

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