Google Fiber Begins a Countrywide Expansion


Anyone who has ever dealt with the frustrations of slow Internet speed—videos that freeze up mid-stream, long waits to download large files such as movies and the dropping off of Skype calls—can soon look forward to a watershed moment in connectivity.

Tech giant Google announced recently its expansion of Fiber to cities across the country (currently it’s only available in Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri.) What makes Fiber so revolutionary? For starters, the company’s basic Internet service runs at 1-gigabit speed, roughly 100 times faster than current speeds. And the price is certainly right for this extraordinary leap forward in speed: Google is offering rates that start at only $70 a month.

The company is already touting the limitless uses of its gigabit system, from healthcare applications such as virtual doctor check ups to educational uses like mobile tutoring and lectures. But, as Google management stresses, its major push with Fiber is to get the lightening fast service into low-income communities, helping to close the “digital divide” that hampers the under-served across the nation.

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