Five Tools to Reorganize Your Windows Desktop

One simple truth of today’s workforce is this: most of us spend a considerable amount of time staring at a computer screen. And no matter how hard we try to keep our desktops manageable and uncluttered, sometimes it’s just impossible.

The next time you find yourself clicking endlessly to find a folder or file—or if you just need a little stimulation to get through the workday—consider using one of these applications or plug-ins for a sleeker, cleaner (and, in some instances, cooler) Windows desktop.

  1. Apps from Vladstudio feature wallpaper clocks that can transform your desktop into a useful and stunning display. Each shows date and time, and the designs are beautiful.
  2. Rainmeter offers a variety of options for creating your perfect desktop. Set up accessible weather widgets, track and control your music and monitor system status in a seamless manner; also use it to record notes and upload a Google search bar.
  3. To enhance and expand your workspace, assign applications to different virtual desktops and organize your open windows to work on multiple projects at once without the mess, check out Dexpot. It’s completely customizable and allows you to seamlessly control transitions between any number of desktops.
  4. If you want to avoid having to relearn a new desktop, DryIcons allows you to download sets of customized icons to replace the standard ones.
  5. Okozo is for pure whimsy and fun: the software hosts wallpapers featuring a variety of characters and images and Flash animations.

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