Five Great Online Resources for Web Developers

Even the most seasoned web developer can use a bit of help or advice from time to time. And fortunately, so vast is the web developer community that myriad resources are just a click away.


Whether you want to tune up your skills, overcome a vexing problem with coding, expand your slate of tools, see what’s new and hot in design trends and software or just search for some inspiration, check out some of these great online resources.

  • One of the largest collections of tutorials and articles just for developers can be found at W3 Schools. There are training clips on the newest web services and coding languages and even some great quizzes to test your knowledge. The site is also very well-organized and features a busy forum community.
  • A List Apart started as a simple mailing list in 1997, but now it curates top notch content on design and development. And it’s equally useful for everyone in the web industry, from designers and developers to those who create just content.
  • Webmonkey has a storied history dating back to 1996. It now operates as a “wiki,” hosting contributions from the developer community that include an extensive code library as well as reference and tutorial sections.
  • For those developers who thrive on the latest coding techniques, Dev Shed offers free open-source guides and instructional materials on everything from scripts to tools. And it’s great for the beginner as well as the advanced and expert developer.

Dynamic web content is the new reality for developers, and Ajaxian fills a void by offering editorials, news, podcasts and tons of resource links relevant to dynamic web builders. It also has an activity community of readers offering feedback and an experience staff of writers working in the industry.

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