Evernote Announces Mentorship and Development Competition


Evernote, the infinitely handy suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archiving, announced recently the launching of a month-long mentorship program designed to recruit developers interested in creating products for the platform.

Called Evernote Accelerator, teams will partner with senior developers at the company’s headquarters this coming October and vie for the coveted Devcup prize. Most of the teams represented at Accelerator will be sponsored—Honda’s Silicon Valley Lab is funding a special transportation-focused prize for the team that creates the best enhancement to the in-vehicle experience—but others will receive financial assistance from Evernote itself. Any product that integrates with Evernote API is eligible to compete in the program.

At the end of the month-long project teams will present their finished products to an audience of investors and journalists. Participants will therefore get the opportunity to take their ideas from conception to implementation, gaining invaluable experience in the field of software and app development and, ultimately, benefiting the company by enhancing the Evernote service.

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