Encrypt your emails with a simple Chrome extension

Privacy issues have taken center stage of late, with NSA tracking making lots of people very nervous. But thanks to the good folks at Google, a little extra security is just a click away. SecureGmail is a free Chrome extension that encrypts your messages so that only the recipient can view them. It’s easy to set up and gives you the option of going secure for certain messages and unsecure for others.

ExtensionSecure Gmail by Streak

Install the extension and, when ready to send a secure email, click the lock icon next to the “compose” button. With a click of that button you enter “secure compose” mode and your text is encrypted before you send it. Also, no drafts are saved either on your computer or Google’s servers. You’ll be asked to enter a password that the recipient will need to view the message (you should give the receiver a strong password via face-to-face conversation). And there’s even a “password hint” option if they forget it.

The recipient, on the other hand, will have to install SecureGmail to read your message, but once it’s loaded your conversations will be symmetrically encrypted and unreadable by outside parties.

Not using Gmail? No problem. There’s also Mailvelope (also free) which supports Firefox as well as Yahoo and Outlook.

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