Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day

Today is a banner day for Colorado nonprofits. The third annual Colorado Gives Day began at 12 a.m. and will last until midnight. For months, nonprofits and charities throughout the state reached out to their audiences in anticipation of today’s fundraising drive. Colorado Gives Day is a great example of how nonprofits can leverage the web and social media to raise funds and awareness.

Last year, Colorado Gives Day raised $12.4 million for 932 participating Colorado nonprofits. Colorado Gives Day used an assortment of web and social media tools — from an online giving website and Twitter to blogs and Google AdWords. Their Twitter account gives event reminders along with thank you tweets to sponsors. On Facebook, media coverage of Colorado Gives Day is promoted while offering a quiz contest for Facebook participants. (The prize is $1,000 to donate to a GivingFirst nonprofit of your choice.) The blog includes guest bloggers and instructional information for the nonprofits that are a part of this year’s program.

Time, money, and resources are precious commodities for charities and nonprofits as they strive to improve their communities. Colorado Gives Day shows the ways social media and the web help nonprofits reach their donors and key audiences.

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