Businesses Begin to Reach Out to Google Glass Users

Much debate has swirled around Google’s wearable tech effort known as Google Glass. And much of that debate has settled firmly, in a negative way, on the heads of users, who are viewed as, in the words of one writer, “tone-deaf, socially blind and congenitally self-righteous.” Indeed, businesses from coast to coast—including casinos and restaurants—have banned Google Glass from their establishments, citing everything from fears of being secretly recorded to privacy issues to the simple fact that those sporting the tech are simply rude.


But it appears things may be turning Google Glass users way. Recently, business owners and the like are starting to warm up to idea that, rather then fight what is probably an un-winnable struggle, it may be time to embrace change and actually cater to the techie crowd.

One such establishment is the Stanford Court hotel in San Francisco, which has taken the extraordinary step of not only welcoming Glass wearers but even offering them a free cocktail. And the hotel isn’t alone. The Sacramento Kings are tuning in fans to on-the-ice action through a Glass app, and a host of retail establishments, both local and national, are using the tech to better communicate with their customer base.

Why the turning tide? In a word, money. The aforementioned Stanford Court is seeking to bolster its bar scene by giving Glass users a safe haven in a city that has otherwise shunned them. Additionally, businesses are realizing that, like it or not, wearable tech is here to stay, and using it as a marketing tool is a far more lucrative endeavor then announcing themselves as a “no-Glass” zone and potentially ostracizing an untapped customer demographic, namely the young, tech-driven crowd.

Whether or not the shift to welcome Glass users can be sustained is yet to be seen, but there’s definitely a glimmer of hope for those who see wearable tech devices as the rolling juggernaut of the future.

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