Just me, thinking out loud

December 18, 2015 Anyone who has read a blog, sat in on one of my presentations or been a client of Carmel Building & Design knows that I’m passionate about sustainable building. The passion stems from a desire to take what I’ve learned about human impact on the environment over the past 25 years and … Read more

High-Definition Sound Comes to Smartphones

High-Definition Sound Comes to Smartphones High-definition displays on phones and tablets continue to improve with time, giving users stunning and near perfect images. But now, smartphone makers are setting their sights on “HD Voice,” designed to make music, voices and other sounds mimic as close as possible to the way they do in person. Known … Read more

With hardware innovation at a plateau, software gets smarter

It’s no great secret that designers have made huge advances in hardware that even 10 years ago was unimaginable. But with the industry flattening out somewhat in terms of new innovation—after all we can already perform complex tasks from anywhere with a swipe of our finger on fast, lightweight devices—the development of groundbreaking new software … Read more