A Wake Up Call: What the Equifax Breach Means for Website Owners

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If there’s anything the recent Equifax data compromise calamity has taught us, it’s that all of us—143 million and counting, in fact—need to be more acutely aware of the dangers and consequences of hacks that expose personal information to the virtual world. Names, social security numbers, addresses, emails, bank account details and, of course, credit … Read more

Fact versus Fiction: A Q & A on WordPress Plugins

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When it comes to WordPress sites, designers and admins—when asked what is one of the most confusing aspects of the platform—will most likely put “plugins” somewhere on their list. Indeed, plugins are fantastic and, in many cases, a must-have when working on a WordPress site. But too often users grab certain programs because they’re fun … Read more

Off to Market: The What and Why of WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Landing page Design

Too often, those WordPress website users who are out to sell a product or service or promote a message underestimate the importance of a good dedicated landing page. And what exactly is a landing page? In the simplest terms it’s a dedicated, standalone page designed for a specific marketing campaign or used to covert visitors … Read more

Staying in Check: Keeping Up With Important Regular Maintenance Tasks (Part 2)

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In last week’s post we looked at the importance of keeping your WordPress site in top-notch working order with a few simple maintenance tasks that you should be performing on a regular basis. From backing up your files to keeping on a schedule of updates to your theme, plugins and other programs to remembering to … Read more

Keeping Up With Regular Maintenance Tasks (Part 1)

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Whether it’s a car or a computer, a bike or a bass guitar, staying on top of regular maintenance issues—cleaning, backing up, staying in perfect tune—is the best way to ensure that those things which you love and rely on stay in perfect shape. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your WordPress website? … Read more