Are Denver and Boulder the next Silicon Valley?

“A hub of start-up activity.”
“A hub of innovation and entrepreneurial activity.”
“The next Silicon Valley.”

These are terms used by journalists to describe the Denver/Boulder area. Lots of business-minded eyes look to Denver and the Front Range as strong centers of growth for start-ups and venture capital, particularly in the tech industry.

There are many big and small cities across the country that have strong technology sectors. What makes Denver and the Front Range different? In an article that first exclaims, “Watch out Silicon Valley!” Forbes contributor Sasha Galbraith focuses on the fact several Colorado cities have ranked high in lists of great places for business. Denver is #5 and Fort Collins is #3 on Forbes’ Best Places for Business and Careers list.

“States in the heartland, like Utah, Nebraska, and Colorado, have the best business climates right now,” the Forbes list said. The business strengths of these cities come from having very educated populations and global companies that are headquartered in the area. Colorado also placed 8th on CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business 2012.

Silicon Valley is a powerful force in business and technological innovation. However, up-and-coming cities like Denver, Boulder, and the Front Range are poised to make their own significant mark within the business and tech industry.

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