7 Best Social Media Content Types for 2022

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Social media is arguably one of the most influential digital marketing channels your brand can take advantage of. With the wide variety of content types, you can build authentic connections with your target audience that leave a lasting impression on the individual. Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to improve your social media strategy or you want to try out something new, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are seven of the best social media content types for 2022.

User-Generated Content

UGC is any type of content generated by your current buyers and following. This content is a great tool that can help you build credibility and attract new prospects to shop with your brand.

User-generated content also allows your brand to connect with your following on a deeper level. This content is authentic and relatable. Since the images and videos aren’t photoshopped or taken in a studio, prospects can relate to your brand and feel more inclined to shop with you.

The best part is: You don’t need to do much leg work. Since UGC is developed by your current buyers, you just need to build a library of content you can use when the time comes.

Video Content

Did you know video is 1200% more successful than traditional forms of content? Video content is growing in popularity and is quickly becoming the new norm. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, brands are being called upon to take a more creative approach to their content.

Have some fun, think outside of the box, and take inspiration from other brands. In 2022, video content doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect. You can build out reels and TikToks that are fun and shareable to expand your reach and appeal to a larger audience.

Influencer Collaborations

Influencers are the future of social media marketing. If you have the budget or free product to give out, you can use influencers to expand your reach to new audiences.

These individuals already have an established following that loves and trusts their brand. Associating your brand with influencers with a different audience is a great way to expand your reach, build credibility, and improve your sales. Consider using influencers for an upcoming product launch, holiday campaign, or promotion you have running.

Polls, Quizzes, and Questions

Every social media platform has a suite of interactive tools your brand can use to build connections and generate engagement. These tools are interactive and are a great way to keep your audience connected throughout the week.

Since many quizzes, polls, and questions are more timely, this content approach performs best as stories or tweets. Once a week, consider brainstorming some fun topics you can share with your followers. You can use their responses to provide insight into their likes and dislikes to help you create content in the future.

Memes and Gifs

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ fashion fun? When you take a light-hearted approach to your content strategy, you can build better relationships with your audience and relate to them on a new level. It shows your following that you are a personable and relatable brand. Don’t be afraid to throw some fun at your brand and your products by creating gifs and memes that are relatable and shareable.

Live Streams

Live streams are low-budget alternatives to big productions and have the same ROI. Brands can benefit from this product type for how-tos, Q&As, and product launches. Leading up to your live stream, you can encourage your following to come ready with questions and get everyone excited for what’s in store.

Product Posts

Now that Facebook has announced that it will be rolling back on some of the eCommerce and social setting features, product posts are on the rise. Product posts are social media apostles that focus on a product. This content tends to be on the salesy side.

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Creating compelling content that revolves around your products is a great way to generate excitement and encourage your audience to make a purchase.

Take Your Social Media Content to the Next Level

At Byte Technology, we’re here to help you fine-tune your marketing strategy to meet the needs of your brand and your target audience. With the help of our marketing professionals, we can help you develop a social media advertising strategy with your new social media content types and help you expand your reach in the process.

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