5 Ways to Optimize Your Website’s Donation Page

There are myriad ways to improve a non-profit’s website, from choosing the right fonts to keeping word counts in check to having subtle navigation and sidebars. But often the end goal of a website is to attract and garner donations for your organization’s cause. And for that, the donation page needs to be optimized so that potential givers feel comfortable funding your cause.


Here are five ways to create a donation page that gets noticed and, ideally, brings in dollars.

1. Use The Right Headline
You want to capture a visitor’s attention immediately, and one of the best ways to do that is to create a bold—even daring—headline. This is the best way to get your cause front and center, so be sure that whatever headline you choose, a reader gets an instant sense of what your non-profit does and how their donation will help you achieve your aims and objectives.

2. Use Pictures
You want to tell a compelling story on your donation page, and there’s no better way than to do it with pictures. Industry experts tout that the ideal photo attracts much more attention than just words, so choose one or more that speak directly to your cause. If you’re fighting to feed hungry children in your community, show a child or children being fed, which gives the sense that your efforts are viable and working.

3. Make it Easier to Donate
An absolute donation killer is making people jump through too many hoops to give. So the only information you should collect is that which you really need: name, address, donation amount and credit card information. When it comes to the donation page, don’t ask visitors to your site to follow you on Twitter or Facebook, or have a lengthy questionnaire for them to fill out: keep it simple and to the point.

4. Use Big Buttons
It may seem like a minor element, but when Amnesty International did an A/B split test during a website redesign, they actually discovered that having a larger “Donate” button brought in more money.

5. Make it Mobile Friendly
These days fewer and fewer people are sitting at home surfing the Web on a desktop or even laptop computer, so it’s vital that your whole site—especially your donation page—is optimized for smartphones and tablets. It’s called Responsive Design, so be sure your website designer is well versed in making the page renders correctly across all devices.

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