5 Resources for Staying Up to Date on Web Design

Once consigned to high-level professions—doctors, lawyers and the like—lifelong learning and continuing education is a hallmark of so many industries these days, thanks in no small part to the Internet and its mass of online courses that cover virtually any topic for any career or job imaginable.


Staying current should be viewed as especially important for web designers, those on the front lines of IT who have to keep a constant check on the pulse of everything from new fonts to coding tools, smart design across multiple mobile platforms to bug-busting software. Check out these five sites for the latest tools and software, or just to brush up on your design skills and learn a few new tricks you can use in your projects.

JavaScript Garden is a continually growing collection of documentation about the more quirky parts of JavaScript, dedicated to professional developers. Offering advice on avoiding common mistakes and hidden bugs, it lays out performance issues and bad practices that JavaScript programmers might encounter.

• Thousands of developers share their achievements and current projects on Coderwall, where you can learn new programming languages, tools and technologies in a fun and engaging fashion. It’s also a great place to discover how others are solving challenges.

TekPubPluralsight—the former just purchased the latter—were created with the goal of providing high quality online training for developers and IT professionals. The sites each sport huge libraries, with screencasts on nearly every topic you could ask for posted by experts in the field.

• Begun for both beginners and experts, Treehouse offers material for learning everything you need to be successful in the Web industry. By following a specific track, you can gain not only technical knowledge but also learn how to start a successful web design firm or build the next must-have app.

Ontwik gathers the latest lectures and conferences from Web developers and designers into one place, covering topics such as JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS3, UI, UX and more. The site also includes lectures on creativity, marketing and startups.

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